Hula Mokulua

                    Hula       Mokulua 

                  On the windward side
                   The Moon makes her way
                 To glare at the Ocean
                    But never to stay



Please Mele sway Me
Teach me to dance
The full of grace hula
Do I have half a chance?
I am from the mainland
I have two left feet
I can't seem to slow 
To the Calm island beat


     Sold to Shari ( thank you for collecting my work)

Hula in the Ocean Blue


Waimanalo LauLau ...Grab some

   Consider the Lau Lau 
   A Hawaiian dish 
   Kailua Pork or some sort of fish
   The wrapping consists of leaves from the Ti
    Locally grown  ( unlike me)
    So if you're at a luau , don't sit and  be coy , 
    Grab You some LauLau and mix it with poi

               "Waimanalo LauLau" acrylic on canvas board for sale


Diamond Head in the Distance

   If you visit Oahu you will see Beautiful Diamond Head jetting out into the Pacific. This
   Original was painted outside while up at Round Top which a small park look-out with a
   great view of Waikiki . This particular painting is currently showing at Leahi Health in
   Aina Hiana. Visit them and get one of their awesome health smoothies!!! They are 
   The yummiest !!!


Hibiscus Girls ...surfer girls at Chun's Reef near Waimea Bay

  "Hibiscus Girls" 
Acrylic on board 

There is no place like Hawaii
No matter how much you try-eee
You can swim round the sea 
But you never will see
 Better art for you to buy-ee

:)-     Sold at several locations on Oahu
         kaiKu Hale on the North Shore and Island Treasures in Kailua
         Oh !!!   and  Kailua Living and Leahi  Health  in Kailua
         Check out Cactus Bistro wall on Kailua on the Windward side , 
          My work is at the bar there and hoping this one will join it.
Sweet dreams of sand between your toes

geisha Surfer in Red

    " Geisha Surfer in Red"
     A little original by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu
     Originals can be found at several location on Oahu
      The best way to get up with me is my mermaid assistant.
      If that does not work , email me at rebeccasnowart at the good ole gmail


Royal Hula Art of Hawaii

    "Royal Hula" the colors of Royalty in Hawaii shown in this 16 x 20 original painting 


Pure Intentions - art by Rebecca Snow of ArtOfHawaii

       This painting is clearly a study of the now extinct Wonderella Floricacus Nobilllia
        ( okay, let's be honest, this is just me having fun with paint)

         ($150.00 original)


North Shore Surfer Girls -Hawaii

     "Blue Boards at Sunset Beach" original acrylic on watercolor paper mounted on board
                               Sold at Kai Ku Hale in North Shore
                                Prints available in several sizes


Hawaii Surf Art "Cloudy Day Surf"

    "Cloudy Day Surf" a little sweetness from Hawaii. Nothing like surfing with friends.
       Original acrylic 8x8 on cradle board with title painted on the side. All my art is sale
     In galleries around the island of Oahu.

Tiare Surf - Hawaii Surfer Girls -

Shown around the painting are fallen plumeria blossoms. The Tiare is shown being worn by the surfer on the right. 

In Hawaii the beautiful Tiare Flower ,with it's seven long petels , adorns the head of many a beauty.


Blondes and Big Waves

                    This is a tiny corner of a 16x20  painting I am working on.
                     It's called 'Blondes and Big Waves ' but notes the waves
                     That are big are in her hair ( but the waves behind them are huge).



Blue Hawaii Surf - just a few Wahine at the Beach in Hawaii

Original Acrylic by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

       Original is 16x20 unframed on board and very very loose and wild
        with pen work and black marker work showing.
        It's my version of North Shore Haleiwa Wahine.


Surf Congregation - original art by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

     "Surf Congregation" a painting of posed surfer girls on the beach at the North Shore

              'THE BEACH'
     Did you ever find a better place of worship than the beach?
      Or find a better place to learn  or a better place to teach??
      Or a better place to dream in a limitless  sort of way
      Or a better place to waste a whole entire day?


Reverence on the Red Board

 "Reverence on the Red Board"
Acrylic on Masonite with liberal brush strokes and conservative ideals 
Painted as a tribute to the Beauty of Oahu as seen from the ocean.
Original by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu . 

Coastline of Hawaii

  'Dreams of the Coastline 'so turquoisey blue was painted with affection and a little acrylic paint 


Chicks and a Rooster - North Shore Haleiwa

        $500 original acrylic 16x 20 of life on the North Shore 
                 Prints available from the artist 

                  Rooster Available about 4 am !! 


Diamond Surf

                          Diamond Surf
                     Original $350 unframed
                      Painted outdoors at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu
                      Diamond Head in the distance with surfers just as it was that day.

blue hula by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

Blue Hula
Acrylic on board 


Little Mololii

      Original Art painted on location on the island of Oahu

             $750.00 only available via email request ( not at the gallery)

     This little island in the distance is called China Man's Hat, but it's real name is Mokolii.
      If you visit Oahu you will see this little island and fall in love with it. Nearby you can visit 
      Kualoa Ranch where they filmed Jurassic Park!!!


Tied Up

            Tied Up At The Docks
                 Honolulu Painting
                   Rebecca Snow


Lavender Surf , Best Friends Forever, Hawaii

       My little version of best friends forever
       Original 5x7 of two young girls at the beach

           'Lavender Surf'. By Rebecca Snow

Take me to Kailua by Rebecca Snow

     This little original depicts the scene from the beach of Lanikai , up the street from Kailua.
               Original on flat canvas 'Take me to Kailua' by Rebecca Snow



Geisha Surfer in Hawaii ---original art of Hawaii

                                                         5x7 original 'Geisha Surfer Girl'
                                                                    by Rebecca Snow


Makapuu on the island of Oahu

  5x7 original painting of Rabbit Island as seen from Makapuu on the island of Oahu in Hawaii
                                                           $150.00 shipping 


Namaste , a portrait of Gabby and her green aura

    "Portrait of Gabby" in Acrylic on cradled wood canvas

     It's a painting of her green Aura and the orchid lei to compliment