just the two of us (palm tree wedding vow)

original palm tree painting by rebecca snow

Just the two of us
(palm tree marriage vows)

when you lean
I lean
you sway
me too
our green is so perfect
against all this blue
I love how your coconuts
fall to the ground
I promise that I
will be forever around


how to paint a palm tree by rebecca snow of honolulu hawaii
 Clem and Norman's Vacation

Norman and his brother Clem
an island trip did plan
they knew they wanted lots of sea
and just a touch of land
The concierge , well, ,there was none,
and missing was the valet
there was a hut in which to sleep
but not a lovely chalet
They were rowed out to their  retreat
a sliver off the coast
A mermaid fair to welcome them
and a tiki as their host
They donned their swim trunks
dove right in
basked in paradise.
there was not much they wanted for
and every thing was nice.
Clem got restless second day
and Norman burned his scalp
Clem read both books at the desk
and Norman fished for kelp
Came the weekend , time to go
and Clem and Norman fled
the island life is plenty grand
but no place like home in bed
(written for my sista Carole)