ORANGE BOARDS
                                                                 party price $1500.00

step 1. hire a model to pose in 7 to 15 gesture poses (10 minutes each max)
step 2. use a big 3 ft x 3 ft canvas or bigger, it's a party don't make it feel small
step 3. get in the party mood  (party beverages , party food, party hat, party attitude)
step 4. it's a party so be happy and turn on the party music
step 5. use a wet large (2 inch) brush , prefer flat, and party colors,
            if you are scared of paint, then start with water soluable crayons to draw
step 6. record gesture poses while the model is on a timer, don't worry if you are finished each pose
step 7. paint in big bold strokes , picking up paint and slopping it on with NO worries
step 8. ahhhh I can feel you fretting, you are not partying enough..drink more party beverage and          have some cake and ice cream while you're at it
step 9. send the model home and let the painting dry over night ...keep it on the wall at the end of your bed so you wake up to it and see it with fresh eyes.
step 10, add bathing suits to them , alternate warm color then cool so they stand out.
step 11, if they overlap oddly then just let them blend, like a party..people bump into people.
               no worries.


Several Chances

In my family the "do over" was accepted and encouraged. We always had several chances to get the golf ball in the hole at miniature golf and my mother actually taped off all the CHUTES in "Chutes and Ladders" .  It was  completely logical to her that a game should be FUN . I agree.

                                                               Several Chances
                                                               acrylic on canvas

In keeping with the "do over" and the "try it as many times as you like",
I have adapted a new way to paint figures that I love. It truly embraces the "do over" and over and over and over. I love the flow of a "do over" because it is not about doing it wrong once but instead about
doing it unto prefection. If they stop ya at one time you never get there. So raise a glass to the "do over".

In this painting some of the figures are more finished than others, they flow into each other without reason. They are a composition born of attempts with no break in the energy. It is my goal that in seeing one you flow to the next and are surprised to see, yet, another. Your surprise is that you are looking at the stacatto strokes in one girl and before you can rest your eyes there is another.

In life, please feel free to screw up and leave it alone, then screw up again and don't dwell on it...then
screw up again. You can have several tries but I think 7 is about right. Eight seems a little over the top.

just joking , but once is never enough.



Artist of Hawaii

Painting at Ala Moana Beach Park

painting on my little french easel at San Souci
painting on the table top easel in Kuloko Gallery
painting in Kailua at the Beach Park
painting on the back of a boat in Kaneohe
painting and teaching at Bellow Beach with fun folks


San Souci

San Souci Sun
This is Kaimana Beach Park on the ocean at the New Otani Hotel
Home to 2H life saving station
Acrylic on Canvas


The ocean is calm
and the waves are afraid,
Kent spoke to the sea.
He told it "be gentle
to all the fair ladies
so they will be gentle to me"

Thank you Kent for standing guard at 2H.
We all feel a little safer knowing you are there.


Don Ho out back of the little grass shack

Don Ho
singing on his ukulele
$325.00 acrylic on board

I want to go back to my little grass shack

In Kealakekua, Hawai`i

Where the humuhumunukunukuâpua`a

Go swimming by

hot cool hot

hot hot cool
acrylic on board

Red Hot and Cool

I had red high heel shoes
I bought in Italy
They were so sexy
even without my feet in them
it is so hot to be cool when your hot



Plumeria Girls at Hibiscus Walk

Plumeria Girls on Hibiscus Walk in Waikiki
Acrylic on Canvas

Plumeria Girls

Asuka and Saki and in the blue Yuuka
Floating with Umbrellas on the streets of Waikiki
Don't know why the suntan people lay out on the beach
when there is so much shopping right within their reach