Surfer Girl
11x14 acrylic on Canvas

Tucked away along the North Shore of O'ahu are several life guard stations.
This one is a favorite of  mine. If you find it , you'll find me, painting and swimming
and flirting with the lifeguards.



write me if you've been to Kaneohe Bay
watercolor by Rebecca Snow -plein air artist on O'ahu

The Sandbar Girls at Kaneohe

not too deep in the ocean
not too far out to sea
always too much of a good thing
that's where you'll always find me

Kula Kai AGAIN

black and white study of the Kula Kai

Kula Kai at Kewalo Basin in Honolulu
watercolor on 300 lb paper

Ken Hosmer
taught a class for the Hawaii Watercolor Society.
I am excited to say that is was spectacular.
If you ever get a chance to take a lesson with him...do it.

Bishop on the Ukulele

At Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu,
 not too far from the busy streets of Waikiki,
there sits Bishop on his Ukulele.
 He sang for me a while back and I finally painted his picture.
I have to still add some background, but I like it just as is enough to post it.

 It captures Bishop.
Bishop on the Ukulele
watercolor on 300 lb paper



                                                                 ORANGE BOARDS
                                                                 party price $1500.00

step 1. hire a model to pose in 7 to 15 gesture poses (10 minutes each max)
step 2. use a big 3 ft x 3 ft canvas or bigger, it's a party don't make it feel small
step 3. get in the party mood  (party beverages , party food, party hat, party attitude)
step 4. it's a party so be happy and turn on the party music
step 5. use a wet large (2 inch) brush , prefer flat, and party colors,
            if you are scared of paint, then start with water soluable crayons to draw
step 6. record gesture poses while the model is on a timer, don't worry if you are finished each pose
step 7. paint in big bold strokes , picking up paint and slopping it on with NO worries
step 8. ahhhh I can feel you fretting, you are not partying enough..drink more party beverage and          have some cake and ice cream while you're at it
step 9. send the model home and let the painting dry over night ...keep it on the wall at the end of your bed so you wake up to it and see it with fresh eyes.
step 10, add bathing suits to them , alternate warm color then cool so they stand out.
step 11, if they overlap oddly then just let them blend, like a party..people bump into people.
               no worries.


Several Chances

In my family the "do over" was accepted and encouraged. We always had several chances to get the golf ball in the hole at miniature golf and my mother actually taped off all the CHUTES in "Chutes and Ladders" .  It was  completely logical to her that a game should be FUN . I agree.

                                                               Several Chances
                                                               acrylic on canvas

In keeping with the "do over" and the "try it as many times as you like",
I have adapted a new way to paint figures that I love. It truly embraces the "do over" and over and over and over. I love the flow of a "do over" because it is not about doing it wrong once but instead about
doing it unto prefection. If they stop ya at one time you never get there. So raise a glass to the "do over".

In this painting some of the figures are more finished than others, they flow into each other without reason. They are a composition born of attempts with no break in the energy. It is my goal that in seeing one you flow to the next and are surprised to see, yet, another. Your surprise is that you are looking at the stacatto strokes in one girl and before you can rest your eyes there is another.

In life, please feel free to screw up and leave it alone, then screw up again and don't dwell on it...then
screw up again. You can have several tries but I think 7 is about right. Eight seems a little over the top.

just joking , but once is never enough.



Artist of Hawaii

Painting at Ala Moana Beach Park

painting on my little french easel at San Souci
painting on the table top easel in Kuloko Gallery
painting in Kailua at the Beach Park
painting on the back of a boat in Kaneohe
painting and teaching at Bellow Beach with fun folks


San Souci

San Souci Sun
This is Kaimana Beach Park on the ocean at the New Otani Hotel
Home to 2H life saving station
Acrylic on Canvas


The ocean is calm
and the waves are afraid,
Kent spoke to the sea.
He told it "be gentle
to all the fair ladies
so they will be gentle to me"

Thank you Kent for standing guard at 2H.
We all feel a little safer knowing you are there.


Don Ho out back of the little grass shack

Don Ho
singing on his ukulele
$325.00 acrylic on board

I want to go back to my little grass shack

In Kealakekua, Hawai`i

Where the humuhumunukunukuâpua`a

Go swimming by

hot cool hot

hot hot cool
acrylic on board

Red Hot and Cool

I had red high heel shoes
I bought in Italy
They were so sexy
even without my feet in them
it is so hot to be cool when your hot



Plumeria Girls at Hibiscus Walk

Plumeria Girls on Hibiscus Walk in Waikiki
Acrylic on Canvas

Plumeria Girls

Asuka and Saki and in the blue Yuuka
Floating with Umbrellas on the streets of Waikiki
Don't know why the suntan people lay out on the beach
when there is so much shopping right within their reach


Ko'olaus of O'ahu

acrylic on canvas



small original acrylic on mahogany board
Painted Outside at Pier 38 Honolulu near Nico's


it's the thing that keeps us afloat,
grace from God,
not the boat!


just a little yacht club
on the banks of AlaWai Canal

acrylic on Mahogany Board
view from Magic Island
painted on location
plein air style

consumed by heat

                  OUT OF LAVA

Why did I want love to be true?
when I had all the heat , like lava, from you
the heat would not stop
but flowed on with force.
So I am not surprised
that it all ran it's course.

Oil on Mahogany Board
add shipping


Wahine Kai

small prints for $12.00 matted
Wahine Kai

Acrylic on Canvas
Can be purchased from Kuloko Gallery in Waikiki

(a mermaid poem)

It's a pain to be lovely and always admired
Enough is enough , it makes me so tired,
I sat on the rocks with some fine finned chicks
and thought of the things that gave me most kicks.

 And vanity was not up in the roster,
 like...my friend had her fins clipped ,
I am guessing that cost her.
The other "descaled "cause she hated the shine,
and one had a tattoo put on her behind.

Then I heard of a mermaid at China man's hat
that decided her back end was a little too fat
and she swam round in circles 20 times on the  hour
and it made her quite skinny with amazing strong power.

so I went over to watch her and sure as waves break
she swam round the hat, I swear, goodness sake...
around and around she continued through   dinner
 she was very determined but in fact, not a winner.

She was obsessed with her bottom and it took all her time
She missed all her meals which , to me, is a crime,
She desired attention of all the "mermen"
and she thought the advantage was to stay very thin

But tell me the truth, is beauty so grand that you'd miss your lunch
just to snag you a man?


Speak To ME Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree
acrylic on canvas
painted on location at Kapiolani Part in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Speak to me Banyan Tree
by Rebecca Snow

I painted at the park one day
and thought I heard a Banyan pray
I listened while I dipped my brush
the mood , electric
such a rush
to hear a Banyan is very rare
so I sat down in my blue lawn chair
and stared right up and listened in...
he said

"thank you Lord, once again"
Rebecca Snow painting at Kuloko Gallery

Running with a Surf Board

The Bar on the Beach at the Hale Koa Hotel
Acrylic on Canvas


One little Mai Tai
You're sitting at the bar
Two little Mai Tais
You're feeling like a star
Three little Mai Tais
You get  into the car
Four little POLICE
You won't get very far.

poem is free , advice is free
painting gonna cost ya but prints are available!

Outriggers at the Mudflats

acrylic on canvas


O'ahu Dreams

"Oahu Dreams"
graphic hawaiian florals
(acrylic on canvas)

O'ahu Dream

it was a dream
that then came true
saw it in pinks and oranges and blue
then came the greens
and there was no gray
and dark disappeared
 so I decided to stay


 mermaid moments
(acrylic on canvas)

When I was a Mermaid
I never got to dance
I day dreamed about a different life
so when I got the chance
I figured out a way
to live my life on shore
and now I watch the birds
and want to someday soar.

Never being satified
seems to be a curse
the grass may not be greener
sometimes different is just worse.


Love's a Crouching Lion

Crouching Lion

If you drive on the North Shore of O'ahu there is a mountain formed from the Volcano called Crouching Lion. I painted it from the shore across the bay on Thanksgiving Day. I was alone that day, just me.
Perfectly content in my own little painters world with a view of Crouching Lion. Please let me know if you like it. It was the essence of the day , no details to worry with, just sweet and simple.

 Braddah LOVES a Crouching Lion
pouncing when you least expect.
sets your life all kapakahi
heart get crushed like big shipwreck

love's a crouching lion
soft and plush and wild and strong
strength in love will over power
all that in this world is wrong

love's a lion waiting ,
woozy dizzy takes it's prey
and be so smart to quick surrender
you be happy all your day


as in Venus
better than
posing for
the photographer
never shy
pretending it's the shell
that should be observed
but no
it is she

(watercolor on full sheet hot press paper- $250.00)

notice the water spout in the backgound
like all beautiful women,  there is destruction close behind



Walk along the Hot Pink sand
 Find the Buck Tooth Tiki Man
See da mermaid 
 Give her a wink
 Buy dat girl an umbrella drink

(acrylic on canvas-prints for sale)


Three Palm Paintings


I sat in shade
and the shade did move
I sat in water,
it dried
 I ran the shower
at the public bath
with bathers by my side
I got to the palms
and thought I'd relax
I took off my slippers and hat.
and laid on the sand
and pretended to sleep
there was whole lots of nothing
but that
I swam in the ocean
I waded a bit
I sat in the surf
where they'd break
I sifted the sand
though my suntaned hand
there was whole lots of nothing
but that.


Hibiscus City Girls

Hibiscus City Girls
acrylic on canvas
24 h x 30 w

high rise to sand
Honolulu City
peering down
on all the girls
so pretty


Ala Wai to Mauka

AlaWai to Mauka
view of the city from the AlaWai Canal
Acrylic on Canvas
view of the aliwai from magic island with
the typical scene of rain in the mountains
as the sun rises over the city

                                  ALA WAI TO MAUKA 
photo of the city


Pirate Poem

Parakeet Pete

Often as the ship would sway
due to high winds off the  Chesapeake Bay
Pete would  disapear did seem
that he would hide aft of the beam

Tough as leather, a sailors tale
he was swallowed once by a killer whale
and he oft ate plank when rations were low
when he got a hang nail, he clipped his whole toe

So why is he no where to be found
when the going is tough he is no where around
and so  I hid in the Quarterdeck row
just to find out where exactly he'd go
and just exactly what he'd do
and I can't keep a secret so I'm gonna tell you

Long about four we were hoisting the jib
I heard that our Pete told a little white fib
he told the first mate he was feeling right frail
then excusing himself walked to the genoa sail
and hiding I watched in my stillness a hush
as Parakeet Pete took his paint and his brush
and rendered the sky and the mast
with such skill
I thought what a shame that he had to fake ill.

And it is no secret what secrets we keep
when as artists we worry so we don't say a peep
that in being a "maker" a "drawer" a "poet"
we love it but hate to let anyone know it.

And I thought of the secrets that other's have hid
I assumed so much worse that Parakeet did.
But it's easier roughing the highest of seas
than being creative with a public to please.



Speckled Walk

Acrylic Museam Wrap Canvas
2 ft h x 4 ft w

Speckled Walk
we took together
shaded by
the searching sun
keeping up our pace
our shadows
slowly melted
in to one


Eric Wiegardt Workshop

Eric Wiegardt is coming to town to give a 5 day plein air workshop for the Hawaii Watercolor Society.
It is a great chance to learn from a wonderful watercolor artist as well as experience O'ahu.
Take a look at Eric's site


He will conduct the workshop from March 28th  through April 1st of 2011.
Please let me know if you are interested in attending.



If  I were a bird and wanted a large mansion of a tree to live in, this would be my first choice.


Kristen Olson Studio


Hop on to Kristen's site and see the work of an oil painter and art teacher that captures the heart
of Kailua and Lanikai.


Punahou Carnival Submission

picture taken on the 14th of January 2011
This painting has to get finished in 2 weeks

gotta get ready for the gallery show
counting down the days

currently called speckled walk

this  Banyan painting is in progress

this painting will be at the Art Gallery

during Punahou Carnival

50% proceeds  of sales will go

to the scholarship fund

ART PROJECT - getting ready for Punahou Art Gallery

just a little walk
from Punahou school
to my place in Makiki
you will find
me painting

I am
getting ready for
the Punahou Carnival Art Gallery

Punahoe Carnival

just up the street from

you will find me