Wahine Kai

small prints for $12.00 matted
Wahine Kai

Acrylic on Canvas
Can be purchased from Kuloko Gallery in Waikiki

(a mermaid poem)

It's a pain to be lovely and always admired
Enough is enough , it makes me so tired,
I sat on the rocks with some fine finned chicks
and thought of the things that gave me most kicks.

 And vanity was not up in the roster,
 like...my friend had her fins clipped ,
I am guessing that cost her.
The other "descaled "cause she hated the shine,
and one had a tattoo put on her behind.

Then I heard of a mermaid at China man's hat
that decided her back end was a little too fat
and she swam round in circles 20 times on the  hour
and it made her quite skinny with amazing strong power.

so I went over to watch her and sure as waves break
she swam round the hat, I swear, goodness sake...
around and around she continued through   dinner
 she was very determined but in fact, not a winner.

She was obsessed with her bottom and it took all her time
She missed all her meals which , to me, is a crime,
She desired attention of all the "mermen"
and she thought the advantage was to stay very thin

But tell me the truth, is beauty so grand that you'd miss your lunch
just to snag you a man?

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