"Relax and Rest" Island Palms

Acrylic on Board

Relax and Rest
my mama said
lie down and take it easy
get yourself a coca-cola
let the palms be breezy
eat some of this cobbler pie
watch cartoons and sleep
I promise not to bother you
I will not say a peep.

(I still miss you Mom)
hope you like my paintings
and thank you for everything,
every single simple perfect thing
your oldest daughter
the one you thought should paint



Kailua Outrigger Canoe
watercolor on arches paper

painted by Rebecca Snow
while in a class instructed by
Eric Wiegardt

As the workshop coordinator for
the Hawaii Watercolor Society.
I am fortunate to take part in many
watercolor workshops on O'ahu.
I took a workshop with Eric Wiegardt
last year. The class painted Plein Air
at several locations around O'ahu.
This is just one of the paintings I finished with his wonderful
thorough instruction.
This year Eric won the Gold Metal of Honor
from the American Watercolor Society.
Okay, so  now  I want to see a show of hands,
who wishes they had taken that workshop while he
was in Hawaii?

To be a member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society
just write to me via the blog or go to our site below.