Palm trees in Paradise

  Three of my acrylic palm trees that I painted while at the gallery in Waikiki.


    It's time to paint a few more!!!!

Diamond Head Dream

                         Diamond Head Dreams
                            acrylic on board
                           by Rebecca Snow



Kailua Beach at Twilight by Rebecca Snow

         A little 5x5 inch painting I did of one of my favorite beaches.
             Acrylic on Board 
            "Kailua Beach at Twilight"
             Free shipping to the Mainland 


Why Not Waikiki! Original Art by Rebecca of Honolulu

Why not come to Waikiki and take a surf lesson. Oh , better yet, a painting lesson!

     "Waikiki Surf Lesson" original acrylic by Rebecca of Honolulu
                                   $75.00 shipped to the mainland free