(or Pomelo)

Sound asleep as I was, the thud of the Jabong fruit woke me immediately.
The fruit is said to symbolize abundance. It is a very large-ish grapefruit
and can get bigger than a basketball! I call it a "KABONG" and when you
hear it you will understand why.

The abundance is evident in the Jabong.
It is surprisingly large with a sound on the roof like thunder's first crack.
It takes effort to peel and tons of endless seeds that initially
look like lots of crooked teeth lined up in the mouth of
a soul unable to afford braces.
It is a surprise, a big fat, unusual surprise.

The neighbors around say the tree in the side yard is yielding a smaller fruit that usual, due to the drought.
AHHHH, if that is the case, then the larger fruit falling on the roof could wake up a whole neighborhood.


sunbathers in red

watercolor and gouache

by Rebecca Snow

it ain't easy being beautiful

the find


by Rebecca Snow

There have been great "finds"
on Oahu
too bad you can't keep everything you find
somethings are just for admiring
and leaving on the shore

Mary Philpotts McGrath and the Milestones

Mary Philpotts painted today.
She painted with the others that came to Ho'omalahia with the Hawaii Watercolor Society.

She painted all day and I joined the group late. She painted after everyone left.

Before I left I talked to Mary about her successes.
She told me she won the Hawaiin Graphic award
at the Annual Watercolor Society Show.

Then without hesitation she began to encourage me.
She asked if I'd entered any shows. She urged me
to enter the Japanese Chamber of Commerce show.
Then she explained something that I needed to hear.

She said that artists need milestones. Points in their creative
life where they can pinpoint success even if it is merely in
the effort of submitting work. The process of filling out the submission form and framing the art work and delivering the
pieces to the location and meeting the other artists is essential to creating that much needed milestone.

Below are 4 watercolors that Mary painted in Tahiti recently (wow)!

Take it from Mary, you have to get there early, and stay late and paint. You have to
submit your work and create the milestones. You have to get your work out there to be seen.
The MILESTONES are important.

Thank you Mary Philpotts for being around today when I needed to hear just those words.


'A Rockin' Shaka to You from Patrice Federspiel, Art of Aloha'

'A Rockin' Shaka to You from Patrice Federspiel, Art of Aloha'

I promised to give you all a little education on the SHAKA and here it is.
The free postcard is a cool offer from Patrice. It is a sweet piece of framable art.
Gotta love the sentiment behind a SHAKA.