Ho'omaluhia Plein Air Painting


What an awesome day of birds singing, blue skies, cathedral-like mountain scenes,palms swaying, mongoose snatching, green on green on beauty day.

Please visit this location if you can. The park service has done a wonderful job of keeping this place pristine. You are allowed to camp overnight here but it does NOT feel like a campground.

There is a lake, and labeled examples of all types of vegetation.

Please go there to be in awe of this wonder.

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens
Can't describe it
no words can do
it justice



1B Life Guard Station
at ala moana beach park
painted March 20, 2010

Saturday at Ala Moana Beach Park is like ONE BIG FAMILY reunion.
The locals set up CAMP for their families and there are tents everywhere you look.
The paddleboarders are coming and going constantly and the moms and dads wash
their naked babies in the public shower under the palms. There is food under all the tents
and a lot of beautiful big hawaiian men overseeing the proceedings. I fall in love with
Hawaii all over again when I paint at Ala Moana Park on a Saturday.




I post these paintings often unfinished. (paddleboards are not painted yet)

But I was so excited that I had to post this. I don't know why I love it so, but the whole purple

background makes me happy. The Turquoise SEA and the PURPLE SKY, sort of how you feel

when you fall in love.



Honolulu Country Club
AHA Spring Fever
5 paintings from around the island of O'ahu
by Rebecca Snow Cleghorn


Mark Brown and I went to Magic Island to paint for a couple of hours yesterday.
We got to meet one of the Stars that is shooting the new Hawaii 5-O Movie.
William Sadler was lovely company and watched Mark and I paint for about an hour.
Nice people Nice places to paint. LOVE HONOLULU.
I painted the Catamarran that rests near the shore. While we were there a Bride
and her Husband-t0-be were getting their wedding shots photographed.
So much going on but still IN THE ZONE. I love painting outside in Honolulu




Okay it's not a Fiction Romance Best seller, but I did get my little comment posted to
a very good Painting site called "ABOUT PAINTING.com"


Sarah Marshall? DUH Can't remember her

There was a movie, I think it was called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I hope I have that title right, it is rare for me to watch a movie and I never finished watching that one.

I did finished the painting that I started there, there at Turtle Bay with my magic french easel

and my acrylic paints. I loved painting there, but would have been okay with the option of

sitting under an umbrella with a Mai Tai and dreaming of ....my next Mai Tai~~~~hmmmmmm


Kapiolani Park is on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki.
This week the local gov't got all the TENT PEOPLE
out of Kapiolani Park and for the most part they all moved
down to Ala Moana Park. I noticed around noon that
they started to come back....even though their tents
are not allowed , they still want to have lunch at HOME.
One of the guys that lives in the park took a look at my
painting right before he sprawled out his beach mat
beside the public restroom wall and took a snooze.
The birds bothered him a little but he seemed content
as he snored in with a roar and out with a unique blowing
of the beard.
I realize this is NOT what you see in the painting.
Nor do you see the 4 groups of lovely Japanese School
girls who bowed when they politely asked to take my picture.
Nor do you see the Hawaiian man with the island accent, deep dark brown
skin and yellow sunglasses for eyes. Nor do you see the man in the
motorized wheel chair who told me this joke " why are the palm trees crooked?
answer--because the gov't planted them."
Nor do you see the life guard station with the lovely young female lifeguard,
or the crazy lady that kept yelling "Richard Sansalvador" randomly , or the pigeons that
were sneaking up on me to steal my breakfast burrito , or the cool Dad walking
with his family and playing the Ukulele and singing a lovely ballad.
yep, it looks so serene and relaxing...
paradise can be a little chaotic to manage, everyone wants to pitch their tent in it.



I am all about going to this little PLACE for coffee. I met the owner and he is FUN and WILD.
Take a look at his GRAZIE GIRLS on his restaurant website

darling little HOLE IN THE WALL

okay, it's not finished but I was painting outside in the CRAZY wind and RAIN..really.

I should get a BADGE for this. I am the boyscout of Painters.

Again , this is the little hole in the wall COCKTAIL BAR that will soon be a Pizza BOB's.

It is just so cute I can't stand it.

Mark Brown (my teacher, mentor and friend) also painted this joint the day before.

When and if I ever paint this good I will be dancing around like a big proud rooster!

take a look at this and feel free to offer up some money before Pizza Bob buys it!


Okay , I got the scoop from a passer by with no teeth , so I could barely make out the details,

but it seems that PIZZA BOB of Haliewa is going to lease the big Fisherman's Wharf building.


PIZZA IN COMING to the Kewalo Basin area.

I live in Kaka'ako and I am all about the PIZZA.

BUT , with all that said, let's all paint a picture of this little drinker's paradise before it is gone for good.

AND if we have money leftover after we purchase a pizza, we need to buy that dude some TEEF!


Fisherman's Wharf in Honolulu


This is the cocktail bar beside the Fisherman's Wharf in Honolulu. I was painting it today in the rain and a young surfer guy drove up and stopped on his way to the beach. He asked what I was painting and I told him. He said" wow, that is an historical building from the 60's". I had to smile when I told him to be a little gentle with the grandmas. The reference to HISTORICAL and 60's in the same sentence was a bit much for me to handle. He laughed and apologized and drove off in his beat up old mercedes with his curly blonde hair blowing in the wind.

Yep this old building had it's hayday. It is well remembered. A new generation comes along to call it an antique. OUCH! I AM THAT OLD BUILDING!

I did hear later that day from some bikers that came by in the rain that this building has been sold and will be a pizza joint.

I sure am glad I got pictures of it before the transformation takes place. It is only a hole in the wall but I am sure it was a place of fun over looking Kewalo Basin Marina.

Palms --- 2500 varieties

The Saturday morning Plein aire group paints with MARK BROWN from the University of Hawaii program . His demos are amazing and this week we went to the Botanical garden to paint GREEN on GREEN. The picture above is of a ravine area that overlooks the giant palm and Savannah trees. I will have to get you some more information about this garden because they have an unbelievable amount of orchids growing there. I can't wait to see those in bloom.


Hale Koa

Hale Koa is the hotel for the military. Where there is Military, there are BARS...go figure.

I love the outdoor bar area at the Hale Koa. You'd think I could meet a rich ADMIRAL to date.

I need to paint less and drink more I suppose!

Well , this is a shout out to those at the Mai Tai Bar at the lovely Hale Koa, tell all those Generals and Admirals that I like my Mai Tais with TWO umbrellas.