Kapiolani Park is on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki.
This week the local gov't got all the TENT PEOPLE
out of Kapiolani Park and for the most part they all moved
down to Ala Moana Park. I noticed around noon that
they started to come back....even though their tents
are not allowed , they still want to have lunch at HOME.
One of the guys that lives in the park took a look at my
painting right before he sprawled out his beach mat
beside the public restroom wall and took a snooze.
The birds bothered him a little but he seemed content
as he snored in with a roar and out with a unique blowing
of the beard.
I realize this is NOT what you see in the painting.
Nor do you see the 4 groups of lovely Japanese School
girls who bowed when they politely asked to take my picture.
Nor do you see the Hawaiian man with the island accent, deep dark brown
skin and yellow sunglasses for eyes. Nor do you see the man in the
motorized wheel chair who told me this joke " why are the palm trees crooked?
answer--because the gov't planted them."
Nor do you see the life guard station with the lovely young female lifeguard,
or the crazy lady that kept yelling "Richard Sansalvador" randomly , or the pigeons that
were sneaking up on me to steal my breakfast burrito , or the cool Dad walking
with his family and playing the Ukulele and singing a lovely ballad.
yep, it looks so serene and relaxing...
paradise can be a little chaotic to manage, everyone wants to pitch their tent in it.

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