Lucky to live in Hawaii

Surf Competition North Shore

               Two years ago I painted this the day before the big
                Surf championship on the North Shore of Oahu.
                 Two years later it is not quite finished and another 
                 Championship is under way.  Time is wasting, go surf
                  (Or paint ),


Pali Puka a peak on the Pali Lookout in Oahu

Pali Puka

Original Acrylic of a plein air painting by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

If you hike along the Koolau range you will see this sharp peak. I
got to paint beside some of my favorite artists on the island this day.
Mark N. Brown was the instructor for his once a week early morning
Plein air class. It was a typical beautiful day and there were hikers ascending
the jagged edge do the Pali Puka cliff. 

Come to Oahu and learn to paint. I promise you will love it.