Little tiny watercolor of Diamond Head

      Sweet little Diamond Head Watercolor by Rebecca Snow
                Not for sale 


Water Lilies in my Dreams

                    "Dreams of Water Lilies" square format acrylic on canvas paper 


Painting for a Fund Raiser for Maunalua Bay

     Little tiny 5x5 of a view to Lanikai that is for sale at the Island Brew Fund Raiser tonight
                                5x5 "Road to Lanikai" acrylic on canvas board 


The Moks in their Ethereal setting

                   Heavenly Moks
             Acrylic canvas  $595.00

Abstract " doorstep plaid"

      "Doorstep Plaid" abstract acrylic 11x14
    My Scottish ancestors are watching me paint.


Strolling at Ala Moana Beach Parks's Magic Island

                Magic Island is always a treat. You will always see brides and grooms with their 
               photographer and lots of runners, bikers, swimmers and walkers. It's a fun place
                to be any time of day but especially pretty at dusk.

               This sketch is for my friend Merril in Germany. I hope she likes it.


Paddle from Molokai race

     My friend ,Maria, is married to Kimo. Kimo paddles from Molokai
      in a very difficult race. I think Kimo is pretty amazing, but Maria 
       is convinced he is the Hawaiian version of Zeus or Hercules.
       This little painting is a tribute to the tough men and women who
       paddle the Molokai race. Whew, wow, that is one long paddle , brah.
                         5x5 canvas panel acrylic $60.00

Serenity and Malicious Indent, names of two boats in the Honolulu Harbor

     Honolulu Harbor's Serenity  8x10 acrylic painted at the Harbor
                          The names of the boats are not added yet
                           But suffice it to say that Malicious Indent
                            Is out ahead of Serenity



Twilight Walk Kailua

                              Acrylic on canvas board "Twilight Walk Kailua" 5x7  $75.00 

                          The ironwood trees umbrella the walk along beautiful Kailua Beach 
                                                      on the windward side of Oahu . 

Prayerful Crossing

         A gift for my Daughter on her birthday . Happy Birthday Sweetpea!!


opakapaka "the Hawaiian Pink Snapper"

    Acrylic on canvas painted September 16 th with Aloha 
            By Rebecca Snow of Honolulum


Keeping it Chill

        "Keeping it Chill"  acrylic on board number 14 
          In the 30 paintings in 30 days 


Surf Repose (Surfer girl series)

       Teals and periwinkles dominate this sweet little 5x7 of
          "Surf Repose" original acrylic on wood panel canvas

            Painted with Aloha by Rebecca Snow

Surf Sonnet #12

         Surf Sonnet # 12    Acrylic 5x7

                         Girl in Blue

              She wore a blue pareo
               She surfed a yellow board
                Her Sister was the Ocean
                  By all she was adored


Quiet Kailua

   It's rare to have the beach to yourself , but when it happens , it's heaven.
               This little 5x7 is part of my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
                Wish me luck that I manage to keep up the pace,,

Original , acrylic on wood panel canvas $ 100.00


Day 10 of the 30 days of 30 paintings

   A little acrylic of Kailua on the island of Oahu where I live . $60.00

                          Moonlight Paddle
                            Acrylic on board

       Moonlight Paddle is a tribute to the Kailua Outrigger Canoe Clubs
        They always find time to be a part of the beauty of Kailua .
         I see them with band aids and braces, knee injuries and arm surgeries but
        They keep paddling out. It is a passion tha fuels the town.

Day 9 Diamond Head Day

             Acrylic on board ---- $75.00 --- Diamond Head Days ---original by Rebecca Snow
                      I painted this with the idea in mind that even in busy Waikiki, you can still
                      find those sweet minutes of alone time . It's called Diamond Head Days
                       and it's a little 5x5 inch painting that evokes the peace of a walk at the beach

                     This is also part of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge , number 9.


Roof Top Seating - Kailua Beach Cottage Hawaii

                            Such a beautiful morning in Kailua that I could not help but paint.
                            This little 5x7 is full of Sunshine and love. Original acrylic by Rebecca Snow



Bungalow garden

It's always a good day when you get a chance to paint and a perfect place to paint

        Bungalow Garden , acrylic on canas board 


The worth of a tiki man

Acrylic on canvas board - reds and pinks and yellows
        5x7 inches but big feeling when you gaze at it
          Only $ 25.00 shipping free to mainland 
       Poem included and handwritten on lined notebook paper

     "  The measure if a man"

        Tonga nashed his tribal teeth
         Declaring war on the other feeth
        Beliefs , he said, should be same as mine
          So all y'all tikis , watch your behind.  So...
          If you wear ceremonial mask
          Or drink the sap from the woo woo flask
           Or show your teeth and make scary noise
         Then you are one of us "tribal boys"..
          But all y'all others, you must go
         We don't put up with saying no
          Conforming is the smartest route
          When you argue I consider it mute.
            And just about that very time
             The eldest tiki delivered his line
            His very last truth, his very strong phrase
            As he counted down years and months and days. 
             He said " nashing teeth and tribal mask,
            Berry flavor in a woohoo flask , none of these things
             Matter a bit,  what's really important is how far you can spit.
             And he won hands down cuz everybody knew 
              That your spitting distance is the measure of you
                All other measure  is considered a farce
                 Except the one bout " hung like a horse".



Day 2 of the 30 days 30 paintings

Posed Paradise
    Gouache on Canvas study for a series   Painted in Kailua at the best secret hideaway


Kailua Cat

This is the first day of the 30 day challenge ! Every day in September I will be painting a new piece to post. Funfunfun .

This cat, Neo, is quite a elusive kitty.