The worth of a tiki man

Acrylic on canvas board - reds and pinks and yellows
        5x7 inches but big feeling when you gaze at it
          Only $ 25.00 shipping free to mainland 
       Poem included and handwritten on lined notebook paper

     "  The measure if a man"

        Tonga nashed his tribal teeth
         Declaring war on the other feeth
        Beliefs , he said, should be same as mine
          So all y'all tikis , watch your behind.  So...
          If you wear ceremonial mask
          Or drink the sap from the woo woo flask
           Or show your teeth and make scary noise
         Then you are one of us "tribal boys"..
          But all y'all others, you must go
         We don't put up with saying no
          Conforming is the smartest route
          When you argue I consider it mute.
            And just about that very time
             The eldest tiki delivered his line
            His very last truth, his very strong phrase
            As he counted down years and months and days. 
             He said " nashing teeth and tribal mask,
            Berry flavor in a woohoo flask , none of these things
             Matter a bit,  what's really important is how far you can spit.
             And he won hands down cuz everybody knew 
              That your spitting distance is the measure of you
                All other measure  is considered a farce
                 Except the one bout " hung like a horse".


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