Blondes and Big Waves

                    This is a tiny corner of a 16x20  painting I am working on.
                     It's called 'Blondes and Big Waves ' but notes the waves
                     That are big are in her hair ( but the waves behind them are huge).



Blue Hawaii Surf - just a few Wahine at the Beach in Hawaii

Original Acrylic by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

       Original is 16x20 unframed on board and very very loose and wild
        with pen work and black marker work showing.
        It's my version of North Shore Haleiwa Wahine.


Surf Congregation - original art by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

     "Surf Congregation" a painting of posed surfer girls on the beach at the North Shore

              'THE BEACH'
     Did you ever find a better place of worship than the beach?
      Or find a better place to learn  or a better place to teach??
      Or a better place to dream in a limitless  sort of way
      Or a better place to waste a whole entire day?


Reverence on the Red Board

 "Reverence on the Red Board"
Acrylic on Masonite with liberal brush strokes and conservative ideals 
Painted as a tribute to the Beauty of Oahu as seen from the ocean.
Original by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu . 

Coastline of Hawaii

  'Dreams of the Coastline 'so turquoisey blue was painted with affection and a little acrylic paint