(or Pomelo)

Sound asleep as I was, the thud of the Jabong fruit woke me immediately.
The fruit is said to symbolize abundance. It is a very large-ish grapefruit
and can get bigger than a basketball! I call it a "KABONG" and when you
hear it you will understand why.

The abundance is evident in the Jabong.
It is surprisingly large with a sound on the roof like thunder's first crack.
It takes effort to peel and tons of endless seeds that initially
look like lots of crooked teeth lined up in the mouth of
a soul unable to afford braces.
It is a surprise, a big fat, unusual surprise.

The neighbors around say the tree in the side yard is yielding a smaller fruit that usual, due to the drought.
AHHHH, if that is the case, then the larger fruit falling on the roof could wake up a whole neighborhood.

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  1. I LOVE pomelos. So yummy and juicy. I know people say that they are grapefruits, but I don't like grapefruit. This is more acidic like lemons. MMMMMMMM. Might have to come by your place and snag some.


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