Kailua Outrigger Canoe
watercolor on arches paper

painted by Rebecca Snow
while in a class instructed by
Eric Wiegardt

As the workshop coordinator for
the Hawaii Watercolor Society.
I am fortunate to take part in many
watercolor workshops on O'ahu.
I took a workshop with Eric Wiegardt
last year. The class painted Plein Air
at several locations around O'ahu.
This is just one of the paintings I finished with his wonderful
thorough instruction.
This year Eric won the Gold Metal of Honor
from the American Watercolor Society.
Okay, so  now  I want to see a show of hands,
who wishes they had taken that workshop while he
was in Hawaii?

To be a member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society
just write to me via the blog or go to our site below.

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