Love's a Crouching Lion

Crouching Lion

If you drive on the North Shore of O'ahu there is a mountain formed from the Volcano called Crouching Lion. I painted it from the shore across the bay on Thanksgiving Day. I was alone that day, just me.
Perfectly content in my own little painters world with a view of Crouching Lion. Please let me know if you like it. It was the essence of the day , no details to worry with, just sweet and simple.

 Braddah LOVES a Crouching Lion
pouncing when you least expect.
sets your life all kapakahi
heart get crushed like big shipwreck

love's a crouching lion
soft and plush and wild and strong
strength in love will over power
all that in this world is wrong

love's a lion waiting ,
woozy dizzy takes it's prey
and be so smart to quick surrender
you be happy all your day

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