ORANGE BOARDS
                                                                 party price $1500.00

step 1. hire a model to pose in 7 to 15 gesture poses (10 minutes each max)
step 2. use a big 3 ft x 3 ft canvas or bigger, it's a party don't make it feel small
step 3. get in the party mood  (party beverages , party food, party hat, party attitude)
step 4. it's a party so be happy and turn on the party music
step 5. use a wet large (2 inch) brush , prefer flat, and party colors,
            if you are scared of paint, then start with water soluable crayons to draw
step 6. record gesture poses while the model is on a timer, don't worry if you are finished each pose
step 7. paint in big bold strokes , picking up paint and slopping it on with NO worries
step 8. ahhhh I can feel you fretting, you are not partying enough..drink more party beverage and          have some cake and ice cream while you're at it
step 9. send the model home and let the painting dry over night ...keep it on the wall at the end of your bed so you wake up to it and see it with fresh eyes.
step 10, add bathing suits to them , alternate warm color then cool so they stand out.
step 11, if they overlap oddly then just let them blend, like a party..people bump into people.
               no worries.

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  1. Love the colors as always! And the curves on the women. Makes me miss my Hawaiian tan-I now have a very pasty mainlander "glow."

    ~Gina in Chicago


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