Pirate Poem

Parakeet Pete

Often as the ship would sway
due to high winds off the  Chesapeake Bay
Pete would  disapear did seem
that he would hide aft of the beam

Tough as leather, a sailors tale
he was swallowed once by a killer whale
and he oft ate plank when rations were low
when he got a hang nail, he clipped his whole toe

So why is he no where to be found
when the going is tough he is no where around
and so  I hid in the Quarterdeck row
just to find out where exactly he'd go
and just exactly what he'd do
and I can't keep a secret so I'm gonna tell you

Long about four we were hoisting the jib
I heard that our Pete told a little white fib
he told the first mate he was feeling right frail
then excusing himself walked to the genoa sail
and hiding I watched in my stillness a hush
as Parakeet Pete took his paint and his brush
and rendered the sky and the mast
with such skill
I thought what a shame that he had to fake ill.

And it is no secret what secrets we keep
when as artists we worry so we don't say a peep
that in being a "maker" a "drawer" a "poet"
we love it but hate to let anyone know it.

And I thought of the secrets that other's have hid
I assumed so much worse that Parakeet did.
But it's easier roughing the highest of seas
than being creative with a public to please.


  1. AWESOME! So true! What is it that we love to create, but are so afraid of sharing? You nailed it!!

  2. Love it! The courage to create: We "gotta have it!"


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