acrylic on mahogany board

A painting of a tree trunk with a small confident palm upstart sneaking in to make a home at it's  roots.

I painted this "start" at Manoa Chinese Cemetery high above Honolulu.
This large tree stands at the top of the space they call the Dragon's Pulse.
I had to giggle at the little palm that decided to grow in the root system
of this old split tree. The large tree provides great amounts of shade
and I have seen many artists at their easels  fit under the cool umbrella of leaves to paint.
It would be difficult to get a great camera shot of this tree and the massive shade. BUT, the trunk itself is split in two and the light streaming through in the early morning lit the palm leaves to chartreuse. It looks like the entrance to Nirvana.

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  1. I enjoy your color palette very much. The shades of purple really stand out for me. I also have quite the thing for trees. Very appealing.


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