Kaneohe area of O'ahu from the Paulana area of HoOmaluhia State Park , by Rebecca Snow


Acrylic on Cardboard
$25.00 plus shipping (now that's a deal)
Painted on location plein air with Mark N. Brown as the instructor.
Please take the time to join him for his demo on Saturdays at 8 am .
You can drop in for 20 dollars and get 10000 dollars in solid instuction

His critique on this finished piece was very positive.
 He added that the brown of the cardboard lends itself well to bright
color use because it grounds the painting with a neutral.
good to know
I did it cuz I did not have a canvas!

(being unprepared for class is not smart)


  1. Beautiful. When you're as talented as you are, you can draw on a napkin like Picasso and it'll be great. This is perfect, Rebecca. Ho'omaluhia is so vibrant and breathtaking and this is such an impressive piece to convey that.

    1. Thank yo Spaniard. I want to learn to dance like you do there in Spain.
      Hope you will teach me someday.


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