Hawaii Surf Paintings

surfing area for locals at Kewalo Basin and Kakaako Park in Honolulu Hawaii
"little autograph tree"
acrylic original by Rebecca Snow

This little tree is at Kewalo basin 
just begging to be hugged.
It was painted a few years back when I first got to Honolulu to live.
I remember seeing the Autograph Tree pods for the first time.
It is an amazingly odd little tree with a jelly-like center in the pod.
It is smart to never park your car under one. The jelly does not
want to come off easily. 
When you sign your name on a leaf it stay there and thus the name
"autograph tree"

 I just thought I'd repost it for old time sake and to remind myself of
the joy of seeing things for the very first time!!!

"Surfing North Shore"
 Original Painting by Rebecca Snow
When I first arrived I would stay up until 3 am trying to paint surfers.
Not much as changed. I still love trying to capture that movement
and , WOW, do we have great opportunities to see fabulous surfers here in Oahu.

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  1. wow, that's neat, about the tree? I'd love to see a painting of one up close. I love the surfer, too!


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