ART DEMO AND LUNCH -- Cactus Bistro in Kailua

An intimate lunch setting with Rebecca Snow and the wonderful team at Cactus Bistro in Kailua.
Rebecca Snow at Cactus Bistro in Kailua , Hawaii

I fell in love with watching artists paint when I visited Georgetown in Washington DC at 9 years old.
My great cousin Beatrice Bulla lived there, near M and Wisconsin, and I was in awe of the painters at their french easels capturing the scenes of the day.
We walked the cobblestone streets lined with artist.  Each artist had a different version of what we all were seeing.
So art, like intense banter, was showing us the wide perspective of each persons views. It is in that joy of difference that I find my most intense excitement in painting plein air. It is in the unique interpretation of a scene or the surprise rendering of an object that I realize worship and thankfulness for a world that never ceases to amaze.

March 13th Cactus Bistro held the LUNCH and ART DEMO "CREATIVE CACTUS"
Call Cactus if you are interested in booking a group for this joyful lunch experience.

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