Makapu'u ---sank you bery mush----

                                      Makapu'u                              (sold to Mrs. Kirby of W.VA)

The tourists stop by the bus loads at the Makapu'u overlook. Most of the time there is only one or two in each group that speaks a little english. When you paint at that site they take pictures of you painting.
You and your art work go home in their camera for their extended family to see.

Individually, the artists that paint together get their kudos based on how many people ask to have their picture taken with you. I have opted to keep my ego in tact by offering to pose. This way I just get to assume that they would have asked me.

 Call me crazy, but secretly I am sure I am the star of home videos in Tokoyo.

After the posing and picture taking is over
 they say , while they bow, "sank you bery mush" and I bow and say" no, thank you very much".
And then I am always sure that I should hand them a coco-cola, hold their hands and start to sing a song about world peace and harmony, and all the different skin colors meshing together. It crosses my mind often that I hold the  key to peace on earth ....or at least one key, you might have the other.

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