Lantern Floating at Magic Island

11x14 acrylic on mahogany board
"Lantern Floating Ceremony"

The ceremony was absolutely stunning.
Amazing colorful dancers on stage, and great music.
Joyce painted with pastels and I used acrylic.
We dragged ourselves and our easels over early
and Joyce scouted out the best location.

 The picture shows the early set up and
the teams getting the lanterns loaded on to the canoes.

The Eli'o took out the lanterns and turned in to the sunset with each canoe following behind.
The water was lovely and the children were all playing in the sand. There were still paddleboarders
out and surfers close to shore. It was a beautiful night

Early in the evening I managed to pop out one bright painting of the canoes lined up before they left the shore. The beach was full of sunbathers and there were tons of people playing on rafts.
 I have  more to do on this painting , but usually post at the halfway point.

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