Decisive Oarsman on the Ala Wai Canal

                              THE ALA WAI AT THE ENTRANCE TO WAIKIKI

Saturday morning I walked over to Magic Island to paint plein air with the group that gathered.
The  Ala Wai Canal was so beautiful and full of the excitement of the outriggers racing.
They recently changed the finish point for the outriggers at that location and now it is possible to see
them 'ROUND' the marker in the inlet. The call goes out for the change of positions of oars
and there you can watch the orchestrated energy of each outrigger team member as they position to
get the canoe turned around without a hiccup. The guy in the back puts his oar in the water to guide the canoe like a rudder. He is also the one doing all the yelling.

I am that guy in the back sometimes...yelling what I want, trying to orchestrate things, wanting smoothness
and expecting no hiccups. The difference is, I never plant that oar, it is never deep enough in the water...never completely SOLID and decisive. I am pretty sure I can be heard, but it always appears that
I am not sure that I'm sure. Maybe I better hand over the oar.

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