WINDY DECEPTION- unfinished version, halted for a coca-cola

I have painted 1B life saving station from many angles. Today I set up my French Easel in the shade along
the sidewalk. A family parked nearby and out came all their wares. They had the large 4 poster tent and
grill and coolers. The grandson in the group loved my cart and took off with it immediately. This is the way things are done here. The Queen is quoted as saying that this park was for her people. It is still that way.
They come and set up camp for a day. They bring everything they can with extended family in tow. It is a site
to behold.
I added no people in my painting. You can not even tell that it was a terribly windy day. It is deceiving.
There is no way to make Ala Moana Beach Park real, unless you add the people. They are the reason
the park exists. They are the energy that makes the sun shine and the waves crash. The locals here are
 the sand and the coral, the palms and the sky. It is a lovely place because of them.

Thank you for allowing me to paint in the park that the Queen gave to you. It has been such a joy.

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