Kaneohe Sand Bar on Memorial Day Weekend


Painting Plein Air in the Bay at Kaneohe Sand Bar

I had hoped for low tide but it was late in the day and I was waist deep.
I could not set up the French Easel in the water as planned but
instead set up on the back of the Pontoon Boat we rented at the Marine Base.
The waves were coming in and the easel was too high so it made for some
pretty interesting mess.
I was thinking like a Marine and figured I'd do the best I could with the gear
I had.
The result was a painting that any 4 year old would be proud to claim as their own.
right now it is all about the attempt.

"in the drink kaneohe"

Memorial Weekend 2010

Love to all my friends
in the Military

and special thanks to those that served before

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  1. Hey Miss Rebecca Snow...im sure you don't remember me...i met you painting down by Ala Moana one morning....i was sitting there on the beach going to jump in the water then we started talking about art!! my name is Brandon younger guy 29yrs old had the islands tatted on my back...I had just moved back to Hawaii..looking for jobs and we started talking bout the inventions i did in the mainland..and i my biggest product was the Perfect Brownie Pan!!! that should ring a bell lol...but i just found your card for the longest i wanted to write you...but now im kinda settled back in Hawaii..got a job working for CrazyShirts doing their Visual Design/Merchandising work..Displays ...and props, interior stuff ..things like that...and im also trying to get back in to art and painting... i think you have classes on painting?? Well when you have the times EMail me! it would be nice to hear from you see how your doing and was curious on how that one painting turned out...i didn't see it on your Blog.

    Well my contact for Email is Brandon22Adena@aol.com
    Hope to hear from you ...Aloha!



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