This is a fast sketch from a photo of 1B that I took recently. In the distance, Kewalo Park and some folks hanging out on the beach. In the foreground the Life Saving station and two lifeguards talking at the bottom of
the ramp.
Do those two people need to be there? They come across as lovers meeting on the beach, they are almost outside our view, they are hard to focus on , they are not important.

Or are they? do they need to exist for the sake of interest to the total composition?

Maybe I will stay confused about the couple for a while..or maybe they should not be treated as two, but instead as one shape, one important shape in the total picture.

What do you think?

Fast sketches, the first initial gut rendition of something pure and perfect. It's not thought through, it's not overworked, it's just simple and straight from the heart.

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  1. I think it's beautiful because you didn't over think it. Like you said, it's just simple and straight from the heart. Love it.


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