I try not to covet material items but I am only human.
I purchased a pair of pink suede heels this week (which I will take back once I finish prancing around the living room with them on).
I also purchased a watercolor from a very popular artist on Saturday.
I purchased a watercolor called "SUGAR MILL" that depicts the mill past Chinaman's Hat near North Shore. First of all it is a painting I saw at Mark's Garage during the Hawaii Watercolor Awards Ceremony.
Secondly it is by one of my favorite artists here on O'ahu, Spencer Chang. Thirdly, there are just some things that you are supposed to own and everyone should own a piece of Spencer's work. He comes to watercolor
with his architectural background, but his paintings flow from that base with dance-like movement. Spencer is that guy in art class that could teach, but instead is the constant student. He is a student of the landscape, always seeing beauty, always finding the perfect composition, always looking at O'ahu through artist eyes.

THIS IS "SUGAR MILL" by Spencer Chang
I own this and will enjoy it while standing in my living room barefoot...no pink suede shoes.
Thank you Spencer, for allowing me to own something that I coveted.

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