Quick poses directed by Mark Brown at the lovely old stone building near the Honolulu Academy of the Arts. The model, so beautiful and recently engaged to be married. Her short cropped hair so delicate
around her petite features. She struck great poses and transitioned quickly between them with complete
confidence. I was lucky to have paid my 10 dollars for this walk-in class. If you paint or draw and visit Hawaii, please stop by on Monday nights and draw with Mark and his group.

If the poses are changing rapidly, then don't even change paper, and don't look down at the paper.
Just draw until you can feel the model's body in your hand. After about 5 poses you will know the model
and have a better grasp of the form. Understanding where the model puts her weight is key. I used to always
give them my neck, or my eyes or my arms. That is not unusual.  I also don't put enough weight on them,
which can be remedied if I use the side of a piece of charcoal and draw the volume of the form not the
contour edges.

There are 4 quick poses in this picture, all contour drawings. I used cretacolor on simple charcoal paper but
changed to watercolor paper so I can adjust the lines with water later. I am in a class with some very accomplished drawers which can be intimidating. But the atmosphere is welcoming and there is always great music and sometimes chocolate!

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