(that's me with the backpack of watercolor supplies)
watercolor painting and poignant poem by Rebecca Snow of Honolulu

There is always a crowd
where the surf is being rode
I can't always get there
cause the highway gets all slowed
by all the lucky tourists
they are eager for a glance
at the  men in fancy wetsuits
who on the waves do dance
but I got up early Sunday
started off at early church
just to get a parking space
and find a beach front perch
and so I was quite early
there were camera men in place
and all the wanna-be'ers had jealous on their face
the surfers they were bobbing and floating
so serene
not a wave in sight , the surf was glassy clean
and slowly as the morning broke
the waves arrived on time
to start the competition 
and the scene , it all was mine.
the sun peeked like the shyest child and 
there was a distant storm,
then gray , then blue, then silver pink
then chilly , hot, then warm.
the changes of the surfer sky came at us rolling fast
the perfection of this ocean time we wished would ever last
then one paddled and he missed it,
one paddled and he stood
one paddled and another 
and everything was good.
and I was taken by the "still" that fell upon the crowd
the same as in our early church 
and many of us bowed
we bowed our knees on beach towels
we raised our voice as one
we marveled at the beauty
facing star struck at the sun
it wasn't meant as worship
we'd not arrived to praise
but it just so happened 
that all together we felt saved
We knew that God was present
We knew we were all blessed
the surfers got their trophies and I'm sure they did their best
but the winner was THE OCEAN
the runner up THE SKY
the competition stunned us 
as the whales breached passing by.
so I just want to mention
that if you are da kine
come on to the North Shore
and worship any time.

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