dream of forgetting to get dressed

I used to dream that I forgot to get dressed. I hear that it is a fairly common dream. I looked it up in a dream book once and it suggested that it represents being unprepared.

I go to a Life Drawing class in Honolulu. The class always has a wonderful model and Mark N. Brown conducts the class at the Academy of Arts in Honolulu. You can be sure you'll get a lively group if you attend...and what's more, it's a DROP in class so you don't have to sign up in advance. It would, however, be nice if you let Mark know you were coming ( in case you are a nut and he needs to know in advance) hee hee.

Anyway, I no longer dream that I'll SHOW up Undressed to work.I am still unprepared for things in my life, but evidently I don't care enough to make it manifest in to a DREAM!

Enjoy my drawing from Life Drawing Class , Honolulu Hawaii 2010!!

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