DROPPED BRA of course

HELLO there Bloggers,

I want to tell you about the
Contemporary Art Museum in Makiki Heights, Honolulu, Hawaii.

They have a lovely cafe with yummy sandwiches in a quiet setting (hard to find a quiet place to eat in Honolulu). You will love the sculpture with in your view while eating.
It is called "DROPPED BRA".
If I remember correctly it was produced in the 80's so it is not a NEW piece of art. I hate to tell you that I don't remember the ARTIST but I promise to find out.
When you get to Honolulu, please drive UP to Makiki, to the museum and have a latte and stare at this piece. It will not make you think, I promise (and I love love love not thinking). We should try doing it once a day for 15 minutes or so....even if you are not BLOND.
Again, THE DROPPED BRA, at the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu Hawaii

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