The Kula Kai is an old fishing boat in the Hawaiian style, complete with round dark Hawaiian man mending nets. This boat sits proud and still this week at the Kewalo Basin park. I took a few

pictures hoping that I could paint this beautiful 80 ft "last of it's kind "wooden vessel.

Amazing how much damage I can do to a canvas when I don't put down a strong drawing FIRST. I should have taken more time to get the information down and perspective right. I made a lot of mistakes on the painting and now I have to fix all the problems.

I was so frustrated when I realized how "OFF" my basic drawing was. I managed to get some motivation from watching the man in the palm hat as he mended his nets. Those nets are the key to his livelihood. He HAS to fix them. NO FISH NO INCOME!!!

I know this painting CAN BE FIXED.

"Paint or don't eat" .. that quote has some motivational qualities to it.

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  1. Dear Rebecca Snow the Artist, 6-18-12
    saw these boats today, and then your painting which captured the Vida Mia boat perfectly! The Kula Kai sampan was harder to see in the background, but it was there, and i'm sure most people wouldn't notice if it was there or not. It is abandoned, per the Kewalo harbormaster and has it tagged, the both of them! Aloha, ERIC


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