Soar with Eagles at Makapuu

Early morning at Makapu'u

Saturday Plein Air Class with Mark Brown
There is still homework to be finished on the piece above.
1. add warm to mountains in the background
2. add warm and light to rocks
3. make the rocks less perfectly shaped, vary them
4. dance more white on the lilac water spray
(and more)

Mark painted his Demo and primarily spoke about Energy.
Watching him makes the notion CLEAR.
He dances when he paints and stands at his easel as though he is taking off for a race.
He painted extremely fast with loose oil , ALLA PRIMA.
It is a site to see and leaves everyone watching dizzy and giggling.
 He concentrates on composition then value (light to dark),
but ENERGY is key.

One key point to painting with energy is to be rested (or intoxicated , just joking)
Mark told me he was in bed by 9pm the night before. He was up with the birds
and on the beach with the new morning sun... usually 6am.
He mentioned that students that go OUT the night before do not understand
that you can't " Hoot with the owls if you want to soar with the eagles".

If he was not so terribly serious when he said that I would have smiled.
Best not to giggle at the teacher.
me at midnight ,
 tired out from working all day
I have no make up on and
a wrinkled silk dress.
I have no idea what I had in my mouth (hair clip probably)
Spent the late night before I painted with Mark
 eating AMAZING salmon in miso sauce at Indigo with my friends.
I think Mark knew I had Hooted with the Owls.
I painted Makapu'u
on a beautiful July morning
with the EAGLES.
It was a blast (hoot hoot)

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