In Hawaii there are plants galore. I am from Virginia and we are proud of our azaleas and tall pines but here in Oahu the flowering trees drop color on every landscape and the variety of palm is mind boggling.

I had the privilege to eat lunch at Nancy Brown's house on July 4th weekend. I requested a tour of the garden and once I had on the "slippers" close at hand (some one Else's flip flops) I was escorted through with commentary.

I was introduced to the Surinam Cherry and got to take a bite of the fruit and the jelly she made from it.
We toured the aisle with the lovely yellow flower tree that had thorns and delicate lacy flowers. She had
a Neem tree that she cuts leaves from and puts at her door to keep any flies away. The Neem is from India but is known in Asia for it's many medicinal qualities. In the side garden there was a little Citronella plant
with it's strong lemonish scent that I recognized from candles of the same name. In the front garden there were variations of Heladonias and orchids and Nancy popped a couple tiny orchids off just for me.

The picture is of my "TAKE" which I am grateful. Thank you Nancy for the personal tour of your little planted paradise. Oh and thank you for lunch!

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