Coveted Shade

Acrylic on Mahogany Board 11x14

There is a little cluster of palms near 1B life saving station. On busy days it is coveted for it's shade.
There will be Moms and babies sprawled out with all their gear, and paddle boarders taking a much needed break from the elements. It is just a little patch of grass and 4 palms but always a perfect hiding place from the gloriously persistent sun.


  1. THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! You gotta make prints! You just keep getting mo' and mo' better! LOVE IT! Miss you!

  2. I really like this one...really. Incredibly good!

  3. It was lovely to meet you today in Haleiwa. This piece drew me directly in. One of my sights I enjoy on the beaches throughout the day are the palm trees and the shadows they cast on the sand, on the water and rocks. The purple in your painting seem to capture the right feeling for me. Thank you for introducing me to your blog and I look forward to reading and seeing more.


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