acrylic on canvas by Rebecca Snow Cleghorn

I painted plein air at THREE TABLES with Mark and Joe. It was an awesomely beautiful day and the 4th of July weekend so the road to North Shore and all the beaches were FULL.

                                           peek at halfway point

 We had a primo spot. Mark was painting a door board and he took out a huge easel and a mallot and proceeded to drive stakes into the ground for the easel to hold the door board. It was a site and folks were
stopping to watch the show.
Joe and I were positioned with easels behind Mark so we could watch him go to town on that big painting.
Joe painted with oil and his version of Three Tables was worth sharing...BUT
I did the stupidest thing ever and did not take photos. So I have to go BACK to Three Tables to complete this painting that I was working on that day.

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