Sand Bar at 1B Life Guard Station

Life Guard Station 1B near the Sand Bar

This life saving station is near my favorite spot on Ala Moana Beach.
This is where the Sand Bar forms through the coral so the surfers
can appear to "walk on water" to the breaks. I finally got to swim out
to it with my friend Andy who would not take NO for an answer.
About half way into the "over my head" swim we passed a man and
I expressed my concern about swimming so far out.
 I mentioned that he should just carry me out there on his shoulders.
He laughed and offered other advice. Andy's plan had been to allow me
to hold on to his foot and he'd drag me out. HMMMMMM.

I want to mention that the life guards are there in case of emergency,
but creating an emergency seemed a little unfair.

I suggest that you swim out to the Sand Bar, it is a beautiful feeling.
I also suggest that you meet nice people along the way and laugh
and be silly and take it all in. I also suggest that you meet nice Italian
men with flippers on but offering to RIDE them is probably 
not very lady like. Oh, and one more thing...learn how to swim
before getting over your head , the life guards really appreciate it.

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