Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Park
It was brimming with activity but I did not see it
 I had a  big empty hole in my tummy
and I am not talking about my belly button

It is always good to paint when you are happy if you want a happy painting.
If, however, you want a still , serene landscape void of feeling
then paint when you are practicing those thoughts.
The energy in your soul will flow down your arm into the paint brush.
Hard to paint a smiley face when you are pouting.

by the time we left the beach there were 16 kite boarders in that little area
it was like a huge ballet or cirque de soleil of bright kites and flying people

if you go to Kailua on the windward side of Oahu you will be thrilled with the water sport activity

Naish (store front Kailua) is the place to go for windsurfing and kite boarding instruction and equipment


  1. Speaking of Kailua and Snow, any relalation to "Island Snow Kailua?"

  2. I am not related to the Island Snow folks to my knowledge. I would love to meet them though.
    I need to stop in and say hello. I love their website


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